Worldwide Airways

Welcome! It's for you guests

Worldwide Airways is a virtual airline company, subsidiary of World Cargo Airways Virtual, my second virtual airline on Flightgear.

Worldwide Airways: world Air traffics. In one word: everywhere. Worldwide Airways allows you to travel wherever in the world... With one very wide selection of destinations on everything continents. Asia, Oceania, Europe, the United States, Arabia, Caribbean... In departures of San Francisco, or Paris Charles-de-Gaulle.

Why Asian symbol as a logo?

This symbol "Double happiness" Chinoi. In chinese: shuangxi, is a word composed of two Chinese synogram (喜, xi, which means "happy, happy"). Since then, this character represents love, happiness and luck.

It is these values and feelings that we advocate, feelings that accords which we hope will be part of your journey ... Virtually or in reality!

The purpose of this virtual airline: to share my passion for aviation, travel. Spend good time with friends, lovers, or with other pilots (Mumble or FGcom)...


Seletti Nuno, founder of Worldwide Airways and World Cargo Airways Virtual company.