Worldwide Airways

Long Haul

Here are all the air lines used by Worldwide Airways:

(More information about airlines can be provided only to new pilots)


Hubs: San Francisco and Paris Charle-de-Gaulle


Aircraft used: Boeing 747-8i

                            Boeing 757-200

                            Boeing 777-700ER

                            Airbus a330-303

                            Airbus a340-313X

                            Airbus a350-900XWB

                            Airbus a380-800


From San Francisco:

















-New Zealand










From Paris Charle-de-Gaulle:



-Sri Lanka 







-Incheon New route!






-San Fransisco  

-Las Vegas New route!

-Albuquerque New route!

-New York 



-Sain Martin 




-Honolulu (A350-900) New route!




Short Haul

Here are the shortest air lines in West American and in Europe. This are all rhe destinations from the Hubs: 


Aircraft used: Airbus A318

                            Airbus A320


From San Francisco:

-Los Angeles (a318)

-Seattle (a320)

-Vencouvert (a318)

-Las Vegas (a318)

-Phoenix (a318/20)

-San Diego (a320)

-Ontario (a318)

-Dallas (a320)

-Denver (a320)

-El Paso (a318/20)

-Houston (a320)

-Chicago (a320)


-New Orleans (a320)

From Paris Charles-de-Gaulle:

-Munich (a318)

-Francfort (a318)

-Goteborg (a320) new

-Bâle-Mulhouse (a318)new

-Milan (a320) new

-Geneva (a318)new

-Hambourg (a318/ a320) new

-Edimbourg (a320) new

-Berlin (a318)

-Lisbonne (a320)

-Londres (a320/18)

-Gatwick (a318) new

-Madrid (a320)

-Toulouse (a320/18)

-Nice (a318/20)

-Rome (a320)

-Vienne (a320)

-Prague (a320)

-Innsbruck (a318)new

-Amsterdam (a318)

-Stockholm (a320)

-Bruxelles (a318)

-Budapest (a318)

-Zurich (a320)

Concorde specific Flight:

From Paris-Charles de Gaulle:

-Bangkok via Dubaï.

-Singapour via Dubaï.

-San Francisco via New York.

-Los Angeles via New York.

From San Francisco:

-Paris via New York.

-London via New York.

-Tokyo via Honolulu.