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The Airbus A330-303

The efficient aircraft type

The Airbus A330-300 share his development program with the four-engine jet: The A340. In the difference near that the A330 taps directly to the market ETOPS of the twin engined planes jumbo jets. 

Planes are more and more twin-engine planes, because less polluting, and consuming less of running, the A330 follow this philosophy. 

The medium/long haul aircraft:

The Airbus A330-300 is a medium and long haul of average capacity aircraft. He can welcome 375 passengers, with a maximum takeoff weight of 242 tons, and transport 46,6 tons of payload. Airbus propose several  motorization for the 300 versions of the A330: we chose the A330-303 equipped with General Electric engines CF6-80E1A3 (2 x 304,8 kns). He can make long flight, thanks to his big range of 10 500 kilometers. He is serving everybody from the biggest Mega-cities to the smallest Islands... The A330 fly with the Boeing 757 like two medium haul planes on our medium and long routes: there are the same transport capacity and range. 


The comfort for slogan:

This aircraft share many similarities with his brother: the A340. As his big comfort, his spacious cabin, and his luminosity: a great flight experience.

He have the latest entertainment system, large and comfortable seats, and the quietest cabin in the skies: a calm environnement at 35000 FT! The longest flight will appears to you the shortest...


An incredible and complete cockpit:

The Airbus A330 as one of the cockpit the most complete and functional of everything planes available in Flightgear! Worldwide Airways suggest also the IDG-A33X made by it0uchpods . Cockpit in 3D, with the monitor screens of the various systems, realistic sounds, a large number of usable buttons, and one concentrated by technologies following the Airbus philosophy, make your flight more realistic as possible. 

Theses elements of wich of this aircraft a plane very appreciated by the pilots!

He is the most appreciated aircraft on Flightgear too.

This aircraft is available on this link: Airbus A330-300 . (First versions)

And also the latest version made by it0uchpods, is available here (Choice the A330-303 (GE engines))


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