World Cargo Airways


" I created this company to share with you my passion for the world of the aviation. "

Here are the available lines and all the imformations concernants on my company:


Aircraft used:

  • Boeing 747-8F
  • Boeing 787-8

Fist Hubs: Paris Charles de Gaulle

From Paris:

destination; departure time; altitude; aircraft:

Second hubs: San  Francisco

From San Fransisco:
destination; departure time; altitude; aircraft:

  • Mexico (7h local time) 28000ft 787-8; MD-11F
  • Honolulu (7h30 local time) 32000ft 787-8; MD-11F
  • Rio (8h local time) 32000 ft 747-8F
  • Paris CDG (9h local time) 35500ft 747-8F
  • Toulouse (9h15 local time) 35000ft 747-8F
  • Francfort (10h local time) 38000ft 787-8
  • Munich (10h30 local time) 36000ft 787-8
  • Lisbonne (11h45 local time) 33000ft 747-8F
  • Londres (11h15 local time) 34500ft 787-8
  • Moscou (21h local time) 37000ft 747-8F
  • Doha (13h local time) 38000ft 747-8F + 787-8 (ou uniquement 787-8)
  • Abou-Dhabi (14h local time) 40000ft 747-8F + 787-8 (ou uniquement 787-8)
  • Singapour (16h15 local time) 35500ft 747-8F
  • Bangkok (18h30 local time) 37500ft 787-8
  • Tokyo (17h local time) 37000ft 787-8
  • Seoul (17h30 local time) 31600ft 747-8F
  • Sydney (19h local time) 35500ft 747-8F
  • Perth (19h35 local time) 36000ft 747-8F
  • New Delhi (22h local time) 41000ft 747-8F + 787-8
  • Vancouvert (11h15 local time) 28500ft 787-8
  • Whashington (7h15 local time) 27800ft 787-8; MD-11F
  • Boston (8h30 local time) 27800ft 787-8; MD-11F
  • Saint-Marteen (13h30 local time) 30000ft MD-11F; 747-8F
  • Pointe-a-Pitre (13h45 local time) 32000ft MD-11F; 787-8F

San Francisco to Tokyo
San Francisco to Tokyo
San Fransisco to Singapore
San Fransisco to Singapore
San Francisco to Sydney
San Francisco to Sydney

FG com/Mumble(ATC communication)

Flight sign; flight number 

- WCA ; xxx

(ex: WCA 1234)

"Whiskey Charlie Alpha....."